Baal veer returns episode 39 full story in english

Baal veer returns episode 39 full story in english

Baalveer, how much longer do we have to wait? I have an idea. I'll go wake him up. No, Fun Fairy. Ms. Karuna isn't waking Vivaan up. We can't disturb his sleep. We'll have to wait. Ms. Karuna, the tea is great. Really? Thank you. I've read somewhere that you tend to get lazy if you oversleep. Don't talk, just listen. That's what my grandfather said. Isn't it? My grandfather also said that if you oversleep your height doesn't grow. What? Is that what your grandfather said? Yes, he said so out of his experience. 

You know, he too was very short. He wasn't too tall. You know, when I caught a cold my mother would make me such tea. By the way, cold reminds me, Vivaan is still sleeping? Is he all right? I'm glad you reminded me. I'll wake him up. Vivaan! Vivaan, wake up, dear! Look, Dev and Megha are here. Are you all right? Where is he? He was pretending to sleep, when actually he's gone out to play. 

I won't spare him. No, Ms. Karuna, don't worry. It's not good to get angry early in the morning. I'm here. I'll find Vivaan. You need to deliver the tiffins, right? Please go ahead. As soon as you find him, bring him to me. - Sure. - Yes. Naughty boy. Let's go, Fun Fairy. Perhaps, Vivaan will show us a way to execute the third test. Let's go. The evil powers of the sky, the netherworld and the earth? But we must make offerings for that, right? Yes, and for the offerings you must do something important. Look at that!

Now this shadow is going to tell this doubtful future King of Fear what he should do. - Shut up, you idiot! What must I do for it? All you have to do is.. Do you understand, Bhaymar? So, Bhaymar, you must do this and also the task regarding Tress Fairy. 'This is the same dark tree that the girl mentioned.' If Timnasa's plan works the Brave Realm and all holy powers will be finished. Baalveer and his successor will be finished. The world will revere the Dark Realm! The trap has been laid, Brother.

 Look at them. The favourite friends of our favourite prey are coming. Are you ready? - Yes, Chinti. I am ready. Let's go. Chinti, no one should come to know that we've hidden special fireworks in that room which we got from the US. Special fireworks! - Special fireworks! Brother, dad said when you light those fireworks they emit music. Music! Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So.. That's how they are. - Yes, Chinti! Just imagine! Vivaan will burst his noisy crackers and we will burst our melodious ones. He'll be so embarrassed. Let's go.

They were talking loudly on purpose thinking that we'd take them seriously and get Vivaan trapped. Idiots! - Oh, my God! How stupid! They have no idea that we have already begun laying a trap for them at Vivaan's behest. Come on. - Let's go. The plan worked, Chinti. Now they will go tell Vivaan, Vivaan will enter the room to get the crackers and.. The fireworks will be lit, and Vivaan will be done for. What are you playing? This is a deep game. It was Vivaan's idea. Was Vivaan with you? Yes. Vivaan is always with his army. He put cushions on his bed and came to device the master plan. He'll go home and sleep later, so that no one suspects him. What are you talking about? - You'll find out soon. 

Just don't tell anyone, okay? Very good. Put it in. What are you doing here? Hey, what are you doing under the cart? I was looking for my coin. Which coin? - Rs. 5.. - Rs. 2.. What are you doing here? I'm looking for Vivaan. Where is he? Yes, he must be sleeping at home. You know, beauty sleep. They are lying. Should I cast a spell on them so they tell the truth? No, Fun Fairy. We can't use magic for everything. We must use our brain sometimes. I'll show you how to make kids tell the truth. You see, the tailor was looking for Vivaan. Vivaan's Salman Khan 'Sherwani' is ready, that's why. He has to try it. Should I tell Dev that Vivaan has gone to get crackers? Okay, thank you, Dev. If we meet Vivaan, we'll tell them. Wow! What a great way to make kids tell the truth!

With the help of Sound Fairy's magic I heard that Vivaan has gone to buy crackers. Let's go. Vivaan isn't with them. Has he gone to the secret room? Which secret room are Chintu and Chinti talking about? I don't know. But if Chintu and Chinti are here Vivaan will definitely come here to trouble them. Let's wait and watch what happens. Come, Brother. Let's find out what's going on over there. Let's go. Sutli, don't let Vivaan's army be defeated. Look, Chintu and Chinti. I'll go and push them towards that cart.. - Okay. ...and escape. You light the fireworks and run away. - Okay.

But what are you.. - Quiet. Don't talk. 'What's this?' 'Such mischief could hurt the children.' Come on. - Hey.. Oh, my God! What's going on? The fireworks have been lit. Let us leave now. Let's go.. - Come on.. The child has to be incarcerated here. Tress Fairy, welcome to the dark realm. How does it feel, Tress Fairy after falling from the heights of the brave realm to the depths of the dark realm? 'I think they have come to know about that girl.' Beware! I am warning you. If something happens to that girl.. 'Beware! I am warning you.' 'If something happens to that girl..' Wow, Tress Fairy! You are in danger but you are worried about that girl. Wow! Hey! What's going to happen will be complete. You will endure it.

Tress Fairy, once again.. Use your powers once again. I feel glad to see you so powerless. Do it.. Wow! Tress Fairy, you will be helpless here like a fish out of water. Because only your negative energy can escape from here. That is never going to happen. I will never let you succeed in your evil intentions. This task is done. The time has come to complete an important task that was given by Timnasa. Gopu, Sutli, you were going to do something dangerous. Anyone could have been hurt if the crackers had exploded uncontrollably. Dear, we should celebrate Diwali but we should also be careful. You should never handle crackers carelessly. Mr. Girpade, you missed it. - What? There were some amazing fireworks here!

Mr. Chheda, I am not in the mood to enjoy it. I have an important alert for all of you. Residents of Bharat Nagar, please come. Listen. Hurry up. Listen carefully. A child abductor is in town and 4 kids are missing as of now. So, don't let your children go out of the compound. Victory to India. Hail Maharashtra. Gopu.. If you step out of the premises I will give you a good hiding! Where is Vivaan? Gopu, Sutli, tell us the truth. Where is Vivaan? Vivaan went outside to buy crackers. But all the stores are closed today. - What? Where did he go then? It's possible that he is locked up in that room. 

Which room? Ma'am, follow me. Vivaan.. Ms. Karuna, don't worry. We will find Vivaan. Vivaan. - Vivaan. Vivaan. Vivaan. - Vivaan. Where is Vivaan? We searched everywhere. He isn't here. That means Vivaan isn't here as well. Where did he go then? D-Did the gang hurt him? Ms. Karuna.. Stay strong. Please don't cry. We will find Vivaan. Please find my son! If anything happens to him.. Nothing will happen to Vivaan. Vivaan! I promise you. No matter where Vivaan is I will find him and bring him back. That's my promise to you. Enough of this hide and seek game with this Tress Fairy. Now, the time has come to take Timnasa's plan to the next level. Bhaymar,

I swear on my pinkie. Which horrible spell have you cast on her? It seems like by this spell that will happen to the Tress Fairy. I mean, she will die. What are you guys doing to me? What is going on here? Bhaymar, what have you done! You killed the Tress Fairy. In that case, he has done a good thing. He would have died, if Tress Fairy hadn't died. He would have died a dog's death.. I am not saying it. The people of the Dark Realm.. Idiot! You both don't even have any idea. The thing that has happened with Tress Fairy is worse than death. God, keep my brother safe. Oh, god! Please! We searched every nook and corner of this Society.

We didn't find Vivaan anywhere. We even searched in the shops outside the Society. But we didn't find Vivaan anywhere. What do you mean by that? We have to find Vivaan. I don't want any excuses. I want my grandson back at any cost. Go and search for him. 'Everyone is losing hopes.' 'Who is going to handle them even if I, too, break down?' 'Nothing will happen to Vivaan.' To offer as sacrifice to the fire in the Dark Realm we have to get 12 kids of 12 different sun signs from the earth.

We have found one among those 12 kids. Nothing will happen to Vivaan. Have you guys forgotten that Vivaan is the one who had killed the two headed snake? We all were scared, except him. Even if someone has kidnapped Vivaan, you guys wait and watch. He is going to bring them to such a condition that they themselves will come and drop him home. What do you mean by that? Who is that kid? And where is he? I swear on my pinkie. Is it the same kid whom I am thinking about? Ms. Karuna is right. If she is so brave, imagine how brave would her son be. Ms. Karuna, I have promised you. I will definitely find Vivaan and bring him back. That's my promise to you.
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