baal veer returns epsode 43 fill story in english

baal veer returns epsode 43 fill story in english

I've promised to you that I'll find Vivaan and bring him back. It's a promise to a mother from a son. Fun Fairy, we can't let Ms. Karuna lose heart. Our hopes are pinned on her courage. 'Don't you worry, Baalveer.' 'I will stay by Ms. Karuna every minute.' Ms. Karuna, don't you worry. I'll alert all the police stations in Mumbai about Vivaan. The law will leave no stone unturned in searching for Vivaan. 'I should call the other fairies here' 'from Brave Realm' 'so that we may be able to find Vivaan soon.' W-What.. What have you turned her into? That is the Dark Fairy, our slave. She will now do our bidding. 'Now Baalveer will face his own mother in battle.' The time for Brave Coronation is passing. I must focus all my energies into finding Vivaan. Baalveer, we got Fun Fairy's message.

So, we are here to help you find Vivaan. Well done, fairies. You all must use your powers to help locate Vivaan. Let's go. How is this? What was it that reflected all our powers back to us? Could the dark realm dwellers be responsible for Vivaan's abduction? No. On earth, the powers of neither Brave realm nor Dark Realm are effective. This couldn't be a Dark Realm dweller. It is someone else. If this is not a dark force then what force is it that is preventing us from finding Vivaan? Whatever this force is it's source is in Bharat Nagar itself. It is somewhere very close by. We must locate it. Let's go, fairies. 'We would like to give our viewers' 'some fresh information about' 'the gang of kidnappers that's active in town.' We have been informed by our sources 'that this gang has kidnapped' 'two more children.' 'The first of them is Rohan Singh' 'from Borivali, who is only 12 years old.

' 'And the other is 10 year old Tina' 'from Malad.' 'Apart from this, our sources were informed' 'by Inspector Girpade who is in-charge' 'of Bharat Nagar Police Station' 'that a 10 year old boy has been kidnapped' 'from there as well. His name is Vivaan' 'and you can see his pictures here.' Hey! Why did you switch off the TV? Because it's of no use sitting and watching news on TV. The world is changed by those who make news, not the mute spectators. And now, we will make news. The residents of Bharat Nagar will unite to nab the gang of kidnappers. Yes. Ms. Karuna is right. We should go out and look for Vivaan. Even a minor information could be of help to the law. You're right. If we make a united effort we could face any big trouble. The kidnappers are no big deal

. I'm ready, sir. Let's go. Me! I'm ready too! Vivaan is my friend. I'll also help find him. Me too. - What do you mean? One child has already been kidnapped. No way. You're not going anywhere. All the children will stay indoors. But if all children stay indoors and the grown ups go out the kidnappers will kidnap us from inside our homes. Isn't it? No one has to stay here. We'll split ourselves into groups of three and every child will be escorted by at least two adults. Yes. - Let's go.. Hail Lord Ganpati! - All hail! The dark force was here and it has gone that way

. Let's go! Baalveer! I think he has sensed my presence. I must distract him. We need more children to sacrifice at the dark veneration. I'm pretty sure that the dark force was somewhere close by. We must locate it. Let's go that way. - Wait! Mother, it's you! Well, yes. Where have you been all these days? We took two tests of Vivaan. We were about to put him up to the third test when Vivaan disappeared suddenly. We just can't find him. We've been looking for him for so long. Yes. I know that. And that is why I had visited Shaurya. Shaurya tried very hard to locate Vivaan's aura. But even Shaurya failed to locate him. He even tried searching Dark Realm. But Vivaan is not there either.

Now, we must find Vivaan, wherever he is. And we have very little time. Let us go and search for him. Come on. Mother. 'Could Baalveer be suspicious of me?' W-What is the matter, Baalveer? It has been a long time since I saw you. I needed you. We should look for Vivaan. Let's not waste time. Mother, you go that way. Fairies, let us go. Baalveer you go that way. I will go in the direction where I will find children. Now, no one can save those children from me. Timnasa's dark veneration will surely be completed. Vivaan! Vivaan.. Vivaan! Vivaan! - Vivaan! Vivaan. Chinti, your idea is fantastic! We're looking all grown up with these moustaches. Brother, no one will kidnap us now. Even if someone tries to kidnap us we'll twirl our moustaches and say.. 'You idiot! Do we look like kids to you!' Chinti, your moustache has come off. Stick it back. -

 Okay. - You need light? Here. I found them! I found the kidnappers! Hit them! We're kids! We're not kidnappers. We're kids. But kids don't have such long moustaches. These are my children. Gopu, they are Chintu and Chinti. You should have told me to stop, then. Come on! I was so nervous, I couldn't think. You don't think even otherwise, Chintu and Chinti. Come on, let's look for Vivaan. Vivaan. - Vivaan. Vivaan. - Vivaan. Vivaan. - Vivaan. Vivaan. - Sutli, don't go too far. Stay with me, okay? Right next to me. Don't worry, Mom, I'm walking with you. Stay with me. - Vivaan. - Vivaan. Vivaan! - Vivaan! Vivaan! - Vivaan! Come to me, child. Come to me. Come. Come here. Vivaan. Vivaan. Vivaan. Vivaan.

Sutli? Where is Sutli? She was here just now. Sutli. Dear! - Sutli? 'Who was she? Something is weird.' Hey! Stop! 'Before she leaves the earth' 'I must close all doors to get out of earth.' 'What is he trying to do?' You can't escape now. So you better surrender to me and let the child go. I might sympathise with you. 'You'll be the one begging for sympathy.' 'You'll fall at my feet.' Hey! You? Mother, did you see someone around? Yes, Baalveer.. I just someone run towards the gate of Bharat Nagar. I tried stopping him, but I couldn't. He was more powerful than me. 'Who could be more powerful than mother on earth?' Baalveer, what are you thinking? He went that way. Let's go, 

Mother. Baalveer! You're still a child before me. You don't have the power to stop me or to rescue those kids. Sutli. Sutli. Where are you, Sutli? Sutli. Sutli. Learn something from Evil Fairy. She has just become Evil Fairy and has been abducting kids so quickly. I'm sure she will be the next Queen of Fear. - Hey! That's not what I meant. Nothing of that sort will happen, Tauba Tauba. She is only gathering 12 kids. But the most valuable one amongst these is Vivaan. And he is with me. Yes! Without whom the ritual won't be complete. Yes. Chintu! - Brother, where are you? Chintu! - Brother.. Where are you? Please come here. Listen. Has anyone seen my Chintu? Chintu! - No.. He was at home at night. I can't find him since morning. 

Gopu, tell the truth. Was Chintu with you? No, Dad, I was at home all night. Dev, did you find Sutli? I won't be able to live without my Sutli. Dear Lord! Please send Sutli back to me safe and sound, Lord! Please send her back! Please send her back! What's happening here? I'll pay you whatever you ask for. Please bring my Chintu back. Chintu! Don't lose hope. Look, it's Diwali. Nothing can go wrong. Evil can never triumph over good. Vivaan, Sutli, Chintu and the other kids will be found and brought back. Rest assured. Yes, our kids will be back. Don't worry.

Don't worry at all. Have faith, they will be back. Fun Fairy, I'm sure Ms. Karuna finds it difficult to stay strong at such a time. We can't let her lose hope. Okay, I have a request. All of you please stay in one house, together. So that Chinti, Gopu, Khushi and the other kids can be safe. We must keep these kids absolutely secure. We must keep an eye on them round the clock. So that no one can kidnap them. 'I will bring those kids back.' 'This is my promise, Baalveer's promise.'

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